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Conference Call

Hold a joint call.

For plan:

Service cost:

0,00 BYN activation charge

0,00 BYN/mon. regular payment

Make conference calls with up to 25 participants.

You can use the service if your phone supports conference calls. Enable conf-call in your phone settings.
To initiate a call:

  • call the first person you'd like to connect;
  • put this call on hold;
  • call the next participant;
  • When you are connected enable conference mode, using your phone menu (refer to your phone user-guide).

To connect an incoming call to a conference, you should take the call first and then connect a person to the conference.
Conference initiator can connect up to 5 members, following participants - up to 4 members.

Both velcom customers and customers of other networks (in Belarus or abroad) can join a conference call.
To answer incoming calls in course of a conference you'll need a Call Waiting/Call Hold service.
To disconnect one of the members, dont's use "end call" key, since the whole conference will be terminated. To disconnect one participant, switch him to a personal call mode and then end this personal call.
In roaming, each connected call is charged at roaming rates.

The service is available for all velcom customers.

How to activate:
The service is automatically enabled for all new customers. PRIVET customers have it in a basic service set.
Private customers can activate the service:

  • via My velcom;
  • call to velcom inquiry service based on Access code;
  • in velcom centers or in dealer sales points.

Business customers can activate the service:

Prices for goods and services are indicated in Belarusian rubles (BYN) inclusive of VAT.