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Twin SIM

You can have two identical SIMs with equal parameters.

For plan:

Service cost:

33,38 BYN activation charge

0,00 BYN/mon. regular payment

velcom Twin SIMs are two identical SIMs with equal parameters. If you have the second phone you use in the car besides you regular phone, you don't have to switch SIM from one phone to another. To use a TWIN card in one of the phones you have to swith off the other. In addition your phone number remains the same and you receive only one invoice.

Attention! Don’t forget to switch off one phone before using the other. Please do it in the following order:

  • switch off your regular phone;
  • then switch on your car phone.
  • switch off your car phone;
  • then switch on your regular phone.

The service is available to all velcom customers.

Prices for goods and services are indicated in Belarusian rubles (BYN) inclusive of VAT.