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Missed Call

Receive free notifications on missed calls when your phone is switched off, out of reach or busy.

Missed Call allows to receive notifications about missed calls when your phone is switched off, unreachable or busy.

If your phone was temporarily switched off or unreachable, after it is switched on, you will receive a text message enlisting the number of callers who tried to reach you.
If a caller's number is in your address book, an SMS sender's name will be shown as specified in your address book. Otherwise, caller's number is displayed. If calls were made from two or more different numbers, you will receive one SMS notification from +375296000240.
A notification contains the following information:

  • total number of missed calls;
  • callers' phone numbers;
  • total number of missed calls from each phone number;
  • time and date of the last call for each phone number.

  • Missed Call for the customers out of reach is activated for all velcom customers (except for Data Transfer plan)
  • The service is not provided if incoming or outgoing calls are blocked.
  • For PRIVET customers, the serivce is provided only if the customer is active.
  • Missed Calles messages are stored for 24 hours and are delivered as soon as the phone is on. After 24 hours, information is deleted.
  • If a calling number is not identified (e.g.if Caller ID Barring is enabled), notification on the call will not be sent.

  • If a voicemail message was left, a missed call notification shall not be received.
  • ИMissed call notifications cover only the latest 20 caller IDs.

The service is provided to all velcom customer.

How to activate:

  • via USSD **62*+375296000240# call key (if you are out of reach), **67*+375296000240# call key (if the line is busy);
  • via My velcom (Calls Forwarding section);
  • in phone settings - after selecting the desired forwarding type, enter number +375296000240.

How to deactivate:
If the service is enabled by the operator, customers can disable the service either in velcom centers and dealer sales points or by calling to velcom inquiry service.
You can personally disable Missed Call service:

  • via My velcom - Calls forwarding section;
  • vai phone settings - cancel call forwarding to +375296000240.
If deactivated the service can be enabled again any time.

To change message language you should send an SMS with a number to 411:
21 - to receive notifications in Belarusian;
22 - to receive notifications in Russian (Cyrillic);
23 - to receive notifications in English;
24 - to receive notifications in Russian (translit) (voice menu will be in Russian).

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