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Automatic Self-care Service (ASSA)

The service allows to get information about your balance, remaining minutes and texts, learn about, activate and deactivate services. Just call 411.

Automatic Self-care Service (ASSA) allows to:

  • get your current balance information;
  • check the remaining traffic;
  • register payment;
  • get information about velcom services;
  • activate/deactivate additional services.

ASSA is made as a menu, customers can access to ASSA by calling to inquiry line 411.
To learn more, download: ASSA Diagram и ASSA Diagram for PRIVET Customers.

  • velcom customers (except for PRIVET customers) can also call additional numbers:
    412 - information about your balance (for private customers);
    413 - information about the remaining traffic.
  • Users of Caller Line Identification Restriction should dial *31#411 call key to reach ASSA.
  • To call the inquiry line in roaming, dial +375 29 6000411 or +375 17 330 30 30.

ASSA is available for all velcom customers.

Prices for goods and services are indicated in Belarusian rubles (BYN) inclusive of VAT.