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Save all contacts, photo, video, music and documents at a remote Internet server.

With My Archive you can:

  • store all your contacts, photos, videos, music and documents in a cloud;
  • transfer them to Android devices;
  • restore data if you lose your device.

Data is stored in a cloud, where you can view and edit it. Supported data types:

  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Photos
  • Music
  • Documents
  • Public access links

My Archive is provided in test mode. Currently available data for saving: contacts, photo, calendar and documents.

ДAccess to the service is restricted:

  • for customers in Suspended status (block of services, restriction of outgoing calls);
  • for customers in Blocked status (incoming and outgoing connection blocked), for users of Pause service.

Private Customers suscribers to V Tvoyem Ritme plan, users of smartphones and tablets vis Android 2.3 and higher with Internet access.
Service users can operate the cloud archive with storage capacity in GB: My Archive 10GB.

The service is activated upon login in vbox (you can install from Google Play ) or from the website https://v-box.by. Use your mobile number as log in, request and enter password (you will receive a text meessage with your credentials to the number indicated as login). After successful activation you will receive a message with access details.
By default, contacts and photos are uploaded to the cloud. You can set automatic sync for each type of data: photso, contacts, music. You can also set automatic sync only via wi-fi.
The service can be deactivated by request in the iquiry service and in velcom centers. It is terminated after a plan change. After termination your information is stored for another 30-day period, then all data is deleted.

For V Tvoyem Ritme subscribers access to My Archive 10GB service is available for free. Interner traffic within velcom network is charged according to plan rates. The subscription allows to use the service via wi-fi connection by any Internet provider. Data traffic via wi-fi is charged according to Internet providers rates. In roaming the service is only available via wi-fi.

Prices for goods and services are indicated in Belarusian rubles (BYN) inclusive of VAT.