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Mayachok (Geolocation)

The service helps to locate your children or elderly relatives in My velcom, without bothering them with constant calls. The location is precise (up to 10 meters), a map of movements and notifications about sygnal disruption are available. The service is easily applied, you need a phone and Mayachok app.

Mayachok (Coordinator service) is a service based on GPS/ГЛОНАСС, permits to coordinate movements of employees, cars and other objects with a smartphone or a GPS tracker. The service provides 24/7 access to onject location via a smartphone, tablet or computer.
Its main functions:

  • online location tracker;
  • history of movements;
  • addition of geozones;
  • notifications about visits to geozone and other events;
  • visits schedule;
  • reports: movements and halts, distance, overspeeding, visits;
  • data export: reports can be saved in different formats;
  • data are stored for 3 months.

the service is GPS/ГЛОНАСС based. A smartphone GPS-receiver or a separate GPS tracker detects object's location.
To use your smartphone, install a mobile app that collects smartphone coordinates and transfers it to the server.
To gather data about an object's location a customer should log in and add the object in the account. You can monitor the object and operate the services from your account.

  • In case a service payment is 90 days delayed, customer account and all information is deleted (without a possibility to restore).
  • If all objects are deleted from the account, service provision is suspended. The account is deleted after 90 days since the deletion of the last object.
  • The service is not provided if a customer is blocked or uses Pause service.
  • velcom, PRIVET or any other mobile operator customer can be an object of monitoring.
  • Requirements to geolocation objects:
    • For a mobile device:
      • Android 2.3 or higher;
      • geolocation module and Internet Access;
      • geolocation and data transfer is enabled.
    • For a GPS tracker:
      • a GPS tracker should support service protocols (Teltonika, Testmaster, Ruptela, WialonIPS, Tins, Wonde Proud, Baltic Car Equipment, MySafe, 4A vision);
      • SIM;
      • Internet access.

The service is provided to all velcom customers (except for PRIVET customers).

How to activate:
Private customers

  • Login at
  • Install Mayachok app to the object of monitoring or aquire a personal GPS tracker with SIM and mobile data support. You can download Mayachok from Google Play.
  • Add information about IMEI of the object on

Business customers

How to deactivate:
Private customers can apply in a velcom center (you'll need to provide an ID).
Business customers

Prices for goods and services are indicated in Belarusian rubles (BYN) inclusive of VAT.