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International Roaming

With International Roaming you can make or receive calls, send or receive text and use data abroad.

For plan:

Service cost:

0,00 BYN activation charge

0,00 BYN/mon. regular payment

The service is activated if a customer has at least 5 BYN on the balance. If you are a postpaid or PRIVET customer, prepayment in not required.

International Roaming allows to make and receive calls send text, MMS messages and use data, while staying outside of Belarus in other operators' networks. Your phone number remains unchanged.


  • Turn your phone off before you cross the border and turn it on again when you're in another country.
  • Network search can be performed either manually or automatically. Automatic search is usually set as default.
  • When your phone is registered in the network (the display will either show the operator's name, the network code, or both), your can make and receive calls.
  • We do not recommend to reject incoming calls when in roaming, since connection can be established and you will be charged for the call.
  • To make calls within the country of stay or to any other place, please dial the number in international format: + – country code – city code – number + – country code – network code – number
Find more tips on roaming here.



  • Incoming calls are charged in roaming.
  • All incoming and outgoing calls are rated per minute.
  • To enable roaming, the International Calls service should be active.
  • All conference calls in roaming are charged for each separate connection by roaming rates
  • To recharge your balance in roaming, please use: v-banking app, an express-payment card, SMS-banking, Internet payment systems
  • In Belarusian border territories a phone can get registered in a velcom partner-network, if an automatic network search is enabled. It can happen if a foreign operator base station signal is strong enough to receive and send calls. As a result, such calls will be charged as roaming calls
  • velcom is not responsible for coverage zones and quality of roaming partner operators.
  • If International Roaming is active all types of forwarding are banned. The ban does not cover unconditional forwarding. To enable call forwarding in roaming use USSD request (on the territory of Belarus) *117# call key.
You can learn about roaming rates here.



  • The service is provided in the foreign networks which have agreements with velcom. To find the list of operators click here
  • USSD works only in the networks supporting the technology.
  • velcom customers cannot send SMS and MMS messages to short numbers in roaming.
  • velcom customer who live in Belarus without the permanent residential status can activatr International Roaming only in velcom centers upon provision of their ID
  • velcom is not responsible and cannot guarantee correct identification of a calling party numbe
  • Sending SMS to inquiry numbers, SMS/MMS service numbers are unavailable in roaming.
    If you have any further questions after reading this memo, you can learn the details from the specialists of velcom inquiry line 8 (017) 3303030 or 411 (calls from a velcom number are free of charge) or in velcom centers.


The service is available for all velcom and PRIVET customers.

velcom recommends app can be used abroad both in mobile network and Wi-Fi (provided that you installed and used the app previously in velcom).


How to activate (for velcom customers)
Activation is free of charge, but there should be a sufficient balance amount for prepayment. If you are a postpaid customer, prepayment in not required.
You can enable the service on your own:

  • in velcom recommends app (roaming assistant tab);
  • via ACCA;
  • via My velcom;
  • via USSD *141*3*2#call key;
  • in velcom centers (with the passport);
  • with an access code (if applicable) through an inquiry line or velcom centers.


To check if the services has been activated:


How to check your balance (velcom customers)

  • via velcom recommends, (for Android balance estimation is also available in roaming);
  • via USSD *100#call key;
  • via My velcom;
  • send an SMS message with the key word BALANS or Баланс to 411. SMS message is charged at roaming rates;
  • call to inquiry line number +375 29 6000410 or +375 17 3303030. The call is charged at roaming rates.


How to deactivate (velcom customers)

  • call 411;
  • via My velcom;
  • via USSD *141*3*2#call key;
  • in velcom centers (you will have to provide your ID or an Access code);


How to activate/deactivate (for PRIVET customers)

  • via USSD *126*1*4# call key;
  • in My velcom.


How to check your balance in roaming (for PRIVET customers)

  • In velcom recommends (roaming assistant tab);
  • via USSD *120#call key;
  • in My velcom;
  • call to inquiry line number +375 29 6000411 or +375 17 3303030.
You can find rates for PRIVET here .


Recharge your balance (for PRIVET customers)


You can find detailed information about rates for calls, SMS, MMS, data in roming either in velcom centers or here.

Prices for goods and services are indicated in Belarusian rubles (BYN) inclusive of VAT.