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Satellite Monitoring

Satellite Monitoring is based on GPS system, which allows to locate objects almost anywhere in the world.

To use Satellite Monitoring, please register on
To log in:

  • In "User" field input the SIM number (international format) of your GPS tracker;
  • In "Password" field input the code word you were given in the store upon activation. Change the code word to a personal password later.

After login on Monitoring Basic will be activated:

Available functions Monitoring Basic
Online monitoring, data storage 30 days
routes are shown on the map, objects can be joined into a group X (up to 2 groups)
creation and control over geozones X (up to 10)
Online notifications, SMS notifications (upon leaving geozones, alarm, speed control, connection disruption) Х
Reports on trips and events Х
E-mail notifications (upon leaving geozones, alarm, speed control, connection disruption) NO
Reports: visiting a street, history, speed, stops, stations, connection disruption). Group reports NO
Download reports (HTML, PDF, Excel, XML, CSV) NO

For correct operation at we recommend to use: Mozilla Firefox 3 and higher, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 9 and higher, Opera 11 and higher, Safari 3 and higher.
Learn more here – Guide.

The basic maps for Satellite Monitoring are OpenStreetMap and Gurtam maps.

You can learn about service rates on Sputnikoviy Monitoring plan page.

Prices for goods and services are indicated in Belarusian rubles (BYN) inclusive of VAT.