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v-banking Virtual Card

v-banking Virtual Card is a proper debit card for online payments from velcom within v-banking app. A card is not provided in tangible form, but rather is a set of bank details: a number, expiry date, card holder credentials and CVV/CVC-code. A card is issued in association with ZAO Bank Resheniye (issuing bank) and VISA payment system and is issued with zero balance.

Customers of any Belarusian mobile operator.


  • Free issue and service within v-banking app, your presence in the bank branch is not required;
  • available for customers of any mobile operator;
  • you can refill your balance in ERIP;
  • 2% Cash-back from online payments (except for ERIP);
  • 3% annual interest on balance account;
  • free notifications;
  • card can be used for online payments all around the world.


How to refill your balance via ERIP:

  • by cash (cash-in terminals, in a bank cash office, in RUP Belpochta offices)
  • via other debit cards
  • via v-koshelyok app
Click Refill in virtual card menu on the app home page (debit card, v-koshelyok).
To refill your balance with cash follow the steps in ERIP: Financial services - Banks - Bank Resheniye - Refill your card online).


You can lock/unlock your card in v-banking app (click on your card to open the menu).

To close your account please address the issuing bank Resheniye (you'll need to provide your passport). After account termination the remaining balance is reimbursed to the customer either in cash or via transfer to an account specified by the customer.


  • The account is in BYN.
  • A card is issued for 1 year.
  • At the end of the period you will be offered to reissue a card in v-banking. If you don't reissue the card it won't be active since the 1st of the month following the last month of the active period. You can reissue your card within a month after the ending date, later you may issue a new card only.
  • 2% Cash-back from online payments (except for ERIP). Cash-back is paid at the day of account operation. You can see the terms for cash-bank on the partner bank website.
  • 3% annual interest is paid on the last day of the month following the financial period.
  • You can use the card for online payments all around the world. Operation held in the currency different from the account currency are covered on the bank website.
  • One card only can be assigned to a customer SIM number.
  • Maximum amount of mothly transactions is 5000 BYN.


Prices for goods and services are indicated in Belarusian rubles (BYN) inclusive of VAT.