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A service within v-banking app, which allows to pay for goods and services in ERIP using a credit from velcom, provided without commission on deferred payment terms.

For plan:

Service cost:

0,00 BYN activation charge

3,00 BYN/mon. regular payment

Pay for goods and services in ERIP using the credit from velcom.

In order to register an account in v-banking mobile application, you should read and accept the v-banking Usage Agreement, as well as Belgazprombank’s Online Banking Service Agreement under the terms of the offer.

In order to file an application for v-koshelyok service activation within the application, you should additionally read and accept the terms and conditions of v-koshelyok Service Provision Rules, as well as Belgazprombank’s v-coin Usage Agreement.

As soon as the service is activated, the customer may use the available cash limit from velcom for payment of most goods, works and services in ERIP.

v-koshelyok service limit will be updated on the 1st day of each month.

Invoice to the amount of debt will be issued before the 5th day of the month following the month in which the limit has been used and should be paid before the 20th day of the month of issue.

In case of failure to pay the invoice in due time, v-koshelyok service will be suspended until the full amount of debt is paid in full!

Within the limit used, the debt should be paid to the personal account of v-koshelyok service.

Number of personal account for payment and debt amount will be displayed in v-banking. (Home → My velcom → v-koshelyok)

The customer may view the history of payments in v-banking – History tab.

You may make payments in ERIP using v-koshelyok service.

Total amount of transactions using such service is limited and amounts to 100 rubles per month.

If you make payment to the service personal account to the amount exceeding the amount of debt, the overpayment will be kept on the v-koshelyok personal account balance. Overpaid amount will be displayed along with the limit amount and only if you have not made any payments in the current month. Upon payment, the amount available for making payments in the current month will be displayed (limit of 100 rubles minus amount used in the current month).

In case of v-koshelyok deactivation, the obligation to pay the debt will survive.

Only one v-koshelyok may be activated for one subscriber’s number.

The company shall be entitled to refuse to provide v-koshelyok service to customers without giving any reason.

No opportunity to make payments of "Banks, Non-Banking Financial Institutions" services using v-koshelyok is provided.

The service is available for velcom’s retail customers (other than PRIVET subscribers), users of operating systems iOS and Android, users of v-banking application.

v-koshelyok service may be activated in v-banking mobile application.

v-koshelyok service may be deactivated in v-banking as well or in velcom’s sales and service centers.

In case you have deactivated the service, you may re-activate it in the next month only.

Prices for goods and services are indicated in Belarusian rubles (BYN) inclusive of VAT.