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Your invoices for mobile services can be paid by the bank automatically.

The charges are paid as a lump sum automatically at the day of the month scheduled by a customer upon registration. The payment type is "Automatic payment of current charges".

  • SMS notifications about activation/deactivation of Autopayment, of charges/refused charges are sent to a number given upon registration for Autopayment as a contact number for notification.
  • SMS notifications about the changes in postpayments terms/ failure to make postpayment/ crediting money to the current account / notification about the delay in payment are sent to a number for postpayment.
  • This payment option is active from the 1st of the month following the registration.

Autopayment can be refused if a customer is not eligible for postpayment.

Private customers (except for PRIVET customers ) can use Autopayment, in case they are entitled to postpayment and have a card of OAO ASB Belarusbank.

How to activate:
OAO ASB Belarusbank card holder should apply for activation of Auto-payment in a self-service terminal. After activation, a customer receives a notification.

How to deactivate:
Use a OAO ASB Belarusbank self-service terminal.

  • When will Autopayment be activated after registration in a self-service terminal?
    It active starting from the 1st of the month following the registration.
  • How many numbers can recharge this way?
    The quantity of numbers assigned for Autopayment is not limited, provided they belong to private cutomers and are eligible for postpayment.
  • How do I know if the service is active after registration in an OAO ASB Belarusbank self-service terminal?
    After registration of Auto-payment an SMS from AVTOOPLATA will be sent to a number specified as a contact for notifications, informing about successfull or unsuccessfull registration. Within 24 hours, a number given as a payment target number for Autopayment receives an SMS from velcom, informing either about Autopayment activation or refuse, specifying a brief cause.
  • Do I have to be on postpayment if I want to use Autopayment service?
    Yes, postpayment is a prerequisite for Autopayment.
  • Which day of the month is Autopayment made?
    A payment is made on a day scheduled by a customer upon registration in a self-service terminal.
  • How can I check the total amount for payment?
    To check the due sum, send a request *100*5# call key. The information is available after the 5th of the month following the month when the service was provided.
  • Will I get a notification that the money was credited to the account?
    After the money is charged from a OAO "ASB Belaurusbank" card, a card holder gets a notification about the payment made. A customer who received the payment will get a notification :"Thank you for the payment".
  • Can I use other payment methods if I enabled Autopayment?
    Yes, all other payment methods for velcom service are still available. Please note, that Autopayment charge will be paid according to the invoice , irrespective of the payments made otherwise in the month following the month of service usage.
  • How can I deactivate Autopayment?
    You can disable Auto-payment in an OAO ASB Belarusbank self-service terminal, provided you have a bank card, you used for service activation.
  • Will they charge Auto-payment if my balance amount is insufficient?
    If your balance amount is insufficient, no charges will be made.

Prices for goods and services are indicated in Belarusian rubles (BYN) inclusive of VAT.