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Get more minutes, text and data, control the traffic and stay in touch.

Unlimited Data for 24 Hours

The package offers unlimited data without speed limitations for 24 hours starting upon activation.

velcom Minutes Packages

Talk a lot in velcom? Choose one of velcom minutes packages.

Minutes and Texts Roaming packages

Talk without limits while abroad!

Roaming Data package

Stay online in any country!

velcom International Packages

Make advantageous calls to CIS and Europe.

Belarus Minutes Packages

Use additional minutes of calls to all Belarusian networks for voice plans.

500 SMS

Package of text messages

Caller Line Identification Restriction (CLIR)

You can disguise your caller ID.

10-day Data Package (PRIVET)

Data Package for PRIVET customers.

30-day Data Package (PRIVET)

Data Package for PRIVET customers.

1 GB for the rest

Special package for lemon plan.

velcom Data Packages

Data Packages for velcom customers.


Электронная цифровая подпись на вашей SIM-карте.