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These services are very important to know of: manage and distribute your finances, recharge your balance. They help to calculate and save your money.


All banks in one app.

Available Balance

Use velcom services even with insufficient balance.


Your credit for unforseen expenses.


You can use velcom services non-stop.

Erroneous Payment

Correct the mistakes you made while recharging your balance.

Online Payment Service (e-PAY)

You can pay for velcom services online.

Check your Balance via SMS

Receive the current balance amount by SMS.


Your invoices for mobile services can be paid automatically.

Express Payment Cards

Recharge your balance quickly wherever you are.

PRIVET Payment Cards

Recharge your PRIVET balance any time.

Regular Invoice Delivery

Receive regular paper invoices by mail.

Detailed Report (monthly)

Get detailed reports about calls, texts, MMS and data used.

Detailed Reports

Get detailed reports about calls, texts, MMS and data used.

E-mail Invoice Delivery

Receive velcom invoices to your e-mail.

v-banking Virtual Card

Make online payments and receive cash-back.