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#velcombegom: 5 Olympic rings on Minsk map and Belarusian record breaking 12 hours run on treadmill

Feb 12, 2018

On 10 February Belarusian runners drew 5 Olympic rings on Minsk map which was captured with the help of fitness apps while Victor Nezhelski, a runner from Bobruisk set Belarusian record of 12 hours run on Mir Fitnesa treadmill having ran a distance of 124.23 km. This is an unconventional way to support a charitable project #velcombegom: Winter Running Games.

At 10 am 70 runners on 3 different spots around Minsk started an unusual run: in Grushevsky park, Gorky park and Mulyavin park. Every participant covered a distance of 10 kms since this was the distance needed in order to “draw” one Olympic ring while the total distance of 5 rings made up 50 kms. Professional athletes spent a bit more than an hour for this unusual flashmob.

All participants were split into 5 teams as Olympic rings symbolize 5 continents that unite Olympic movement. Every participant could select the continent on one’s own: for some runners proximity to home became the crucial factor, others visa versa preferred to run along a new route and enjoy new for them city views.

“#velcombegom that started simultaneously with Winter Olympic Games in South Korea inspired us for an unusual run. Symbolically within the framework of the charitable project the funds raised will be forwarded to the schools responsible for training of children for Paralympic reserve team. That is why we have got an idea of drawing Olympic rings with the help of fitness apps on the map of Minsk”, - commented Mikhail Sydoruk, deputy chief of Federation of adventure racing.

Another 2 representatives of running club Victoria Victor Nezhelsky and Petr Ragoisha ran on the same day in aid to children of Molodechno boarding schools demonstrating second best result of 121.95 kms.

An unusual run started at 9 am and finished at 9 pm. During the run the athletes paused few times for restart of the treadmill and short rest maintaining their energy level with bananas, protein bars, drinks and water. Average speed of every runner was about 10 km/ h.

“I participated in #velcombegom a few times and always ran outdoor. This time I wanted to do something more: challenge myself and draw more attention to need for aid to children unable to have active lifestyle due to health issues. I’m confident that our joint contribution with Petr motivated other runners for a winter run”, - said Victor Nezhelsky.

Online live broadcasting was organized during the entire run which was viewed by over 13 thousand people.

All kms ran were added to overall teams results #indoor and #outdoor correspondingly.