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velcom Opens Hi-Tech Cinema Hall in Belarus

Jul 13, 2017

velcom cinema, a part of Silver Screen chain, sets up a unique VOKA hall for demonstration of 3D films on a screen based on technology similar to IMAX.

A large cinema hall is a part of velcom cinema multiplex and Silver Screen chain located next to metro station Vostok. It is the most cutting edge and hi-tech cinema in Belarus offering the largest screen in the country. VOKA hall stands apart for its Sony duplex beamers making any picture significantly more realistic and dimensional than any conventional cinemas. Presence effect is enabled by Dolby Atmos acoustic system that reproduces film sounds “reaching out” the audience from every corner including ceiling.

Spectators will see a picture similar to that based on IMAX technology. The halls are equipped with duplex beamers creating effect of virtual reality thanks to high definition and saturation intensity supporting 4K resolution making Silver Screen stand apart from other cinemas. A special design of VOKA hall and Dolby Atmos sound make film watching more vibrant and creating unforgettable impressions.

The hall has 235 seats including 223 comfy chairs and 6 sofas for two. The interior has got a futuristic design while the walls are covered with sound isolating v-shaped panels. Rocker chairs are the first in Belarus: all seats do recline securing the best viewing position. The first row offers special sofas with blankets and tables.

The hall is named after digital TV VOKA. "Following VOKA’s revolution in mobile TV, a new cinema hall will upscale customer experience in film watching in Minsk. A spectator will be fully absorbed by the atmosphere of the film. Such technologies will be implemented for the first time in Minsk", - emphasized Yulia Daineko, velcom head of marketing.

Overall velcom cinema multiplex as a part of Silver Screen chain and consists of 7 halls for almost 1000 spectators. Films will be demonstrated non-stop with max 15 minutes breaks between showings.

"By implementing this project that complies to all up-to-date international standards we raised the bar. Similar objects can be found only in Dubai, New York and Seoul. In the future we will stick to the highest level of service. The multiplex is planned to be open by end of summer to become one of the largest and we hope the most successful cinemas in Belarus", - noted Silver screen.