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Premiere of the documentary Who Is the Last? featuring kids with autism and their inspiring progress was organized under support of velcom

Sep 27, 2018

An unusual premiere, i.e. an exclusive screening of the documentary Who Is the Last? took place on 26 September at Belarus cinema. Over 200 spectators who have been watching the film by Sergei Isakov, admired persistence and determination of main characters, i.e. actors of Family Inclusive Theatre «i». velcom is the general partner of the cast and premiere of the film.

Who Is the Last? depicts transformation of four lead characters, i.e. Kastus, Misha, Vlada and Max through mastering the art of theatrical performance with support of a team of teachers and psychologists at the one and only Family Inclusive Theatre «i» in our country. Film director Sergei Isakov (filmmaker of Vasyl Bykov. I tell you about the war, The General of Unfinished War, Special People, etc.) demonstrates how acceptance and support can heal kids with autism who want and have the right to feel on equal terms with others. And this is the unique feature of Family Inclusive Theatre «i» where choreography, eurhythmics, vocalism, acting and socializing is offered to all kids including those with autism.

«velcom was one of the originators of the inclusive theatre. Over a few years we witnessed that kids with autism are surprisingly talented. The cast of the film consists not only of wonderful actors, but also of artists, writers, musicians. Creative activity bridges them with the world around and helps them understand themselves, their feelings and emotions better. And it is fundamentally important to maintain this initiative in order for happy stories similar to the one from Who Is the Last? turn from exceptional to systematic», – commented Nikolai Bredelev, head of velcom PR.

Students of the inclusive theatre contributed to filmmaking Who Is the Last? not only as actors. Thus, music themes including those for a few performances of Family Inclusive Theater «i» were composed by Nikita Lynkov, a student of the National college under Belarusian National Music Academy who already is having a shot at music composing.

«This film has been screened in the span of 1.5 years. Children used to change in quite a noticeable way: got rid of fear and anxiety, developed keen interest to the action around, gained self-confidence as much as willingness to socialize and make friends. Inclusive theatre has already changed their life for the better – however, we as much as the society around us still have a lot to change in order for the autism related issues in our country were sorted out rather sooner than later. I would like that Who Is the Last? could help the audience to reconsider their attitude to people with autism and to realize that everyone is able to make a change», – noted Sergei Isakov, director of Who Is the Last?

Who Is the Last? was created with support of velcom that used to be actively engaged in establishment of Family Inclusive Theatre «i» in 2016. velcom supports all major events organized by the theatre including new shows, 3D performance Once Upon a Time in a Big City that will be staged on 8 October at Belarusian National Academic Music Theatre.

Family Inclusive Theatre «i» was founded in 2016. In the meantime, the theater produced five vibrant theatrical shows where kids with autism act on equal terms with their peers. The theatre actively tours in Belarus and overseas.