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Welcome to velcom – new tariff plan “Tourist”

Aug 3, 2017

Belarus attracts more and more tourists, especially after the introduction of visa-free entry for visitors. Mobile communication for the guests of the country has also become simpler and cheaper. velcom operator launched «Tourist», tariff plan without a subscription fee, which will make your trip around Belarus most comfortable as it already includes 2 GB of Internet traffic and 100 minutes to all networks.

The tariff was developed especially for foreigners who, according to official statistics, spend up to 10 days in Belarus averagely. Now, when connected to "Tourist" tariff, they will receive 2 GB of the Internet and 100 minutes to all the networks in Belarus that can be spent within 10 days - even more than tourists usually spend in mobile operator's network. If necessary, voice and Internet traffic can be purchased.

SIM-card with "all-inclusive" system costs 15 rubles: when SIM-card is activated, a 10-day bonus will be assigned - 2 GB of the Internet and 100 minutes to all networks for 9.90 rubles (same price for an additional package), the remaining 5,10 rubles can be used at will. Connection to "Tourist" tariff is available practically in any city of the country at velcom’s sales and service centers and dealerships.

The launch of the guest tariff is mostly related to the introduction of a visa-free regime for foreigners for five days. Now most of the tourists are coming from Russia - near 88% of all visitors. Ukraine is on the second place (2.6% of foreigners), and on the third - Poland (2.1%). Belarus is often visited by tourists from Baltic countries, Germany, China and Italy. In addition, tourists from the United States, Britain, Turkey and Australia are actively flying to Minsk.

Tourists with increasing frequency are coming to Belarus for long weekends, including relatives visiting. Most often, foreigners communicate in messengers, use social networks and surf the Internet. When making calls inside the country they don’t wonder what network is that. Standard mobile operator’s offers are not suitable for them for this purpose. There is a need in the Republic for a full-fledged tariff for tourists with a large amount of traffic for a short period. "Tourist" tariff plan is just designed to fill this niche.

Rest wisely with velcom’s "all inclusive" system!

More information about the connection is available at velcom’s sales and service centers, as well as by dialing Help Desk: call 411 from your cellphone (free calls for velcom users) and 7100 (toll calls), 8 (017) 330-30- 30, also you can ask our consultants in social networks Facebook, «Вконтакте» and «Odnoklassniki».