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#velcombegom announces SunRun Challenge: over 13 million kilojoules in aid of children

Jun 7, 2018

On the longest day of the year – 21 June – there starts a new phase of charitable project #velcombegom implemented upon velcom initiative. Within the framework of SunRun Challenge all fans of running will be able to challenge their own achievements and help children: every kilometer of the distance will be converted into kilowatts of «kind energy» and its cash equivalent will be transferred for charitable purposes.

#velcombegom 2018 is held under the slogan SunRun Challenge which goes not without reason: kids with Down syndrome are called «sunny» and they are recipients of the funds to be raised this year. Children Orphanage for Handicapped Kids with special needs is the beneficiary of the charitable action. This social institution hosts children who need special care, domestic and medical service and social and labor adaptation. 50 000 kms (= 13 180 000 kilojoules or 3 365 kWt/h of «kind energy») are expected to be covered by project participants while velcom will convert it into BYN 50 000 and transfer to the account of the orphanage.

«Any energy can be used for doing a good job. And running is not an exception. It can be healthy not only for oneself but for many others. We suggest that energy of every SunRun Challenge participant is transformed into targeted aid to children. This year our activity is organized under the sign of the Sun and we do hope that Belarusians will be generous in sharing their emotional warmth and energy for the aid to «sunny» children», – noted Nikolai Bredelev, head of velcom PR.

This year all kms covered by the participants from 21 to 24 June will be counted in a overall result. In order to make own contribution into a good deed, one just needs to take a run and post the result in social networks with hashtag #velcombegom.

«Our orphanage is a home for children from 4 to 18 years of age. All of them are very different, but they have something in common, i.e. need for special care and non-indifferent attitude from people around. These children do get a full spectrum of all social services, our team does its best for them to help live a fulfilling life. Every year municipal budget allocates a lot of money for the needs of our institution. But life does not stand still, every day there appears something new, more advanced and adoptable equipment able to strain every bit of our children’s potential. In case together with #velcombegom we raise funds needed, we will be able to acquire this equipment. That is why we do hope this project will be supported by as many Belarusians as possible», – said Andrei Zhdanovich, director of Children orphanage for handicapped kids with special needs.

#velcombegom is a charitable sports initiative of velcom aimed at aid to children in need and children medical institutions and at the same time at promotion of healthy lifestyle among Belarusians. #velcombegom runs are organized on annual basis since 2015.

#velcombegom is one of the most large-scale social initiatives of velcom. Based on the results of previous charitable runs financial support was provided to the following institutions: Republican Centre for Rehabilitation of Handicapped Children of Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus (2015), Ivenets Orphanage for Children with locomotor impairments (2016), Republican Scientific and Practical Centre for Pediatric Surgery (2017), Republican Children Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation (2017).