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velcom became a universal provider of SAP cloud services based on its own data center

Jun 14, 2018

Effective digital solutions for business development without significant investments are now available to velcom clients. The leading telecom operator of Belarus and SAP CIS signed a Memorandum on cooperation for cloud services market development on June 14th. Now velcom is the first company in the country representing certified SAP services based on Partner Managed Cloud model from the cloud.

A transition from on-premise solutions (storing software on own resources) to ready-made services from the cloud allows companies to considerately improve their development and successfully cope with such tasks as fast business scalability, prompt start of new directions, dynamic development of own products and services.

velcom data center is ready to provide services for data analysis, rent of SAP HANA (DBaaS) data bases, virtual IT infrastructure (IaaS) and business applications, as well as access to SAP SuccessFactors cloud platform.

«The cooperation on Partner Managed Cloud model opens up new possibilities for business development for velcom: the company becomes a universal provider of telecom services, as well as cloud services for a wide range of business needs», Ilya Shulipin, director of CIS SAP RepOffice in the Republic of Belarus, has said.

Mr. Shulipin underlines the shortest terms of developing new services for customers. An implementation of a solution takes from 2 to 5 months due to the location of the services in the Belarusian data center being must faster than a traditional implementation.

According to velcom Deputy General Director for Business and Cloud Services Denis Filazafovitch, the common project of SAP and velcom on PMC model (Partner Managed Cloud) combines the efforts of two companies in the area of digital business transformation.

«For customers it might become a fast alternative for a traditional solution that they don’t need to waste too much time, money and additional efforts to implement. One can get a ready-made solution asap without significant initial investments. The solution includes SAP services of any size and complexity. velcom data center of Tier III level deals with a whole IT infrastructure while highly-qualified experts take care of the service security and usability. Such practices are getting popular worldwide, while it’s the first case for the Belarusian market», Denis Filazafovitch has mentioned.