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#velcombegom: The First Massive Partner Run 1+1 To Take Place in Minsk

Aug 23, 2017

On 26 August a massive charitable run 1+1 takes place in Minsk. Everyone is welcome to a run taking place at Victory Park either solo or together with a taster or a first timer. One can find a partner on the start line and take a chance to win a ticket to the marathon in Lisbon. 1+1 runners and all those who will run during next 10 days will take efforts to cover 100 000 kms all together to be further converted into BYN 100 000 for aid to sick kids.

A massive run is free of charge, open for every volunteer and starts at 10am. There are two looped routes for 1 and 5 kms that can be covered 2-3 times if desired. Running workout can be done either solo or with a partner: while a first timer covers a distance of 1 km, an experienced one finishes 5 kms. A running partner can be found before the start or run solo.

1+1 run is a start of a charitable initiative 100 000 challenge: velcombegom. Throughout 10 days, from 25 August to 4 September, Belarusians will run around the globe in aid to children. If total distance reaches 100 000 kms, velcom will transfer BYN 100 000 to the account of Republican Children’s Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation for treatment of kids with serious diseases.

All those who will participate 1+1 will contribute to fundraising of the record breaking amount for charity support. The run just requires a smartphone for measuring the distance with any fitness app. Screenshot of running results displaying the date and distance must be posted in social networks with a hashtag #velcombegom.

The run itself will be organized in a festive mode offering yoga and master class from a famous massage therapist. Besides, everyone will be able to enjoy balance boards and a concert of Sasha Zaharik. All runners will be awarded with medals and free water, while the fastest runners will get presents including a trip to Lisbon running rock-n-roll marathon.

1+1 run welcomes professional athletes as well as non-professionals and simply not indifferent people. Everyone’s contribution will be considered irrespective of the distance.

“1+1 run will be special due to numerous reasons. First of all, its format allows not only a solo but a partner run too which is a motivation for doing sports with friends and buddies who has not done it before out of different reasons. Moreover, everyone’s distance will contribute to a good deed, i.e. aid to children seeking rehabilitation after serious illnesses. To sum it up, everybody who comes to the run, will take the challenge and prove that together Belarusians are able to cover a distance of 100 000 kms”, - emphasized Vyacheslav Smirnov, head of velcom PR.

Charitable initiative velcombegom: 100 000 challenge is organized by velcom under the auspices of Ministry of Healthcare. It is aimed at aid to children and raising awareness of running and healthy lifestyle. All funds raised will be handed over to Republican Children’s Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation. Today this is the only centre in Belarus for rehabilitation of children with hemophilia, cancer and kidney diseases.

Social run 1+1 will take place on 26 August from 10 to 12pm at Victory Park. Partner run registration will be done on the spot, solo runs require no registration.