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The first family inclusive 3D show in Belarus was presented by inclusive theater «i» on the stage of Music theatre

Oct 9, 2018

The first night show Once Upon a Time in a Big City was staged on 8 October at the Belarusian National Academic Music Theatre by Family inclusive theatre «i». velcom provided general support to the production of the performance based on a short novel by F.M. Dostoyevsky The Little Boy at the Savior's Christmas Tree. The said performance will be added to the repertoire of the theatre while the nest show is expected on 19 November.

About 400 spectators have come in order to watch a well-known story in a new perspective. A fancy vibrant fairytale featuring 3D video projections by Sergei Isakov and colorful decorations by Anna Silivonchyk raises issues of choice and inequality, life and death, narrates about eternity in a basic and understandable language to people of any age. Thus, the play triggers a dialogue of parents and children on the stage and out of it. «Children do want to talk about serious staff and our show is about it», - says Leonid Dinnerstein.

«Over a few years establishment of inclusive equal opportunity society is one of velcom’s key priorities in the area of corporate social responsibility, that is why we observe the success and new ideas of Family inclusive theatre «i» with an ample interest. 3D show Once Upon a Time in a Big City is an upgraded performance which is an expected result of all their efforts. We continue our collaboration with the theatre since we believe that such a partnership facilitates further development of the unique project for children with autism and Belarusian society all-in-all», - noted Nikolai Bredelev, head of velcom PR.

Once Upon a Time in a Big City is based on a short novel The Little Boy at the Savior's Christmas Tree. This is a story about a little boy who lost his family on Christmas eve and was left alone in a big cold city with no chance for survival. The succor comes out of nowhere: a miracle happens and a little hobo appears at a magic angels’ Christmas Tree that revives the hope for a better future. The performance was produced by Family inclusive theatre «i» together with the students of Iryna Pushkareva studio and their parents, that is why it is a family theatre. Iryna Pushkareva is production director, Pavel Arhangelsky is artistic director, Denis Dadishkiliani is a choreographer, Alexandra Sandler is a music writer and Vera Zhibul is a translator. Gennady Fomin is the director of the show. The production team recognized unusual interpretation of Dostoyevsky’s story: the show illustrates Belarusian traditions and rituals whereas the script is written in Belarusian.

«What we see is an impressive performance based on a short story by Dostoyevsky translated into Belarusian language. And this is not a children show, but a show where children and adults act for children and adults. The show employs whole families, among them there are professional and unprofessional actors, parents who have learnt dancing from Denis Dadishkiliani», - says Leonid Dinnerstein, the producer.

The cast consisted of over 100 actors including parents of the students and the choir of music school #10 named Music Pazerki. «The time has come when a great creative team was created and we managed to materialize our old idea with the help of video projections, decorations and development of corresponding children’s acting skills, – comments Iryna Pushkareva, art director of the show. – 106 guys are engaged in Once Upon a Time in a Big City, among them – 6 children with autism. Today there are 30 special kids attending our studio and we use different teaching techniques: individual and group classes, vocal singing, basic music classes. All those who feel more or less confident study acting and take the stage once feel ready».

Technical facilities and a new venue with the capacity for 700 seats was organized by general partner of Family inclusive theatre «i» – velcom.

The theatre itself is permanently engaged in creative work: apart from production of 3D show the team is ambitious to materialize many other brave ideas. «We are planning to stage a play about feelings written by one of our students with autism Kastus Zhibul, - says Iryna Pushkareva. – This is a performance where children are full-scale co-authors: they will write a script, music, take part in production, i.e. will get space for creativity. And the most important is that every child, a junior actor, could take away only the best, could develop in every role».

Theatric studio of Iryna Pushkareva offers choreography, eurhythmics, vocal, acting and socializing for various children including those with autism. Follow the news and details of upcoming performances on 6 November and 3 December on and on the official page in facebook.