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Mikhail Gorbachev – a New Teacher in Belarusian Language and Literature for We Read Belarusian Together with velcom

Mar 23, 2017

A defender of Novopolotsk football club Naftan, Belarus Cup winner 2009 and 2012 Mikhail Gorbachev took part in a social and educational project We Read Belarusian Together with velcom. On 22 March Belarusian footballer taught an unconventional lesson for small kids of his native town. A famous Belarusian writer and poet Raisa Borovikova joined this lesson as well.

We Read Belarusian Together with velcom continues a series of interactive lessons across Vitebsk oblast. Pupils of Novopolotsk secondary schools #7 and #12 already participated in the project. However, a representative of Novolopotsk football club Naftan Mikhail Gorbachev held a lesson for gymnasium #2. The project was initiated by velcom under the auspices of the Ministry of Education.

We Read Belarusian Together with velcom is a social and educational initiative aimed at cultivation of 2-3 graders’ interest in Belarusian language and literature. Famous Belarusian writers and poets, sports and culture figures became permanent teachers within the framework of the given project.

Naftan footballer together with a national writer and poet Raisa Borovikova discussed the relevance of Belarusian language in our daily life. In a nice game Mikhail Gorbachev challenged the kids in sports terminology in Belarusian language. Thus, schoolers got to know Belarusian words for defender, score, fan, etc. from an active sportsman.

«Language is one of the key factors of national identity, a core element of national heritage. The project initiated by velcom fosters popularization of the native language in our country. And football club Naftan stepped in too. Representatives of Novopolotsk football supported this important initiative and took the pleasure to join the project We Read Belarusian Together with velcom», – noted Naftan PR department.

Throughout March and April the initiative will visit 25 schools in 6 towns of Vitebsk oblast. By now over 17 000 schoolers of 140 national educational institutions participated in We Read Belarusian Together with velcom.