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A Musical Based on an Autist Child’s Play Will Be Put on for the First Time in Minsk under the Auspices of velcom

Mar 13, 2017

A musical fairytale The Railway based on a play written by a 9 year old autist child will be put on in Minsk. The first night show will take place on 2 April in the Palace of Veterans Culture. The show will be performed by autist children and produced by family inclusive theatre i under the auspices of velcom.

The opening night of the music impromptu fairy tale is confined to Autism Day. The show is intended to draw attention to autism and afford ground for kids to feel they belong to the society.

The Railway is written in Belarusian by a 9-year old special boy Kastus Zhibul. The fairytale was recognized as one of the best in creativity contest Kupalyanyati organized by the National Literary Museum named after Yanka Kupala under the auspices of Culture Ministry.

«The Railway is the second large scale show produced by the theatre that engages normal and autist children together. Last year we put on The Magic Flute and thanks to velcom’s support arranged road tours throughout all Belarusian oblast centers. This year we decided to go down the road and as a result we do not just make a show together with “special” kids but a play written by an autist child. Moreover, costume design, theatrical scenery, music composition were partly created by the studio attendees including special children», - noted Irina Pushkareva, creative director of the theatre.

It is a fascinating show not only for junior audience but also for their parents since it narrates about friendship, family, kindness and a right for a mistake. The Railway illustrates lots of allegories and references to famous works of Yanka Mavr, Korney Chukovsky, Lewis Carolle and William Shakespeare. The play emphasizes uniqueness of every person in the world, ability to respect and accept others as they are.

«Theatre changes people, moreover, those who perform on the stage as much as those in the audience. Previous musical the Magic Flute already proved that autist children are able to play as good as normal kids. Now we went an extra mile and dared to produce a show based on the play written by a “special” and talented boy, – underscored Vyacheslav Smirnov, head of velcom PR. – Whereas he did it in Belarusian to the level any adult can hardly believe it is possible. It once again proves that any child can be talented and autist kids are able to make surprises».

Family inclusive theatre i was founded at the beginning of 2016 by Children. Autism. Parents. together with velcom while a creative studio of Irina Pushkareva was engaged in acting skills development. The first musical The Magic Flute was a true success in Minsk and all oblast centers.

The opening night of the musical fairytale The Railway takes place on 2 April on the stage of the Palace of Veterans Culture at 11.30am and 6pm.