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lemon by velcom: snow in Minsk turned turquoise blue

Feb 20, 2018

Today the snow around Minsk universities turned in turquoise blue while bizarre snowmen appeared near academic buildings and hostels.

The first snowmen were found close to the main building of Belarusian State University for Computer Science and Radio Electronics at P.Brovki early in the morning on 20 February. A couple of turquoise blue snowmen erected on both lawns along the way to the entrance welcomed students and teachers rushing for the studies. Instead of ordinary white these two – snowman-punk and his friend standing on the head were colored in turquoise blue like the snow around.

While students and passersby kept watching over untypical snowmen uploading snapshots in stories and Instagram, similar mint colored figures appeared in other districts of the city. However, all of them were located next to hostels and university yards.

A group of 6 snowmen emerged in Students village. Everyone found something one loves to do: scuba diving, skiing or disco dancing. And judging by hashtag #justbecauseIwantit they all felt great. And indeed? Why not if you want it?


Another three snowmen appeared in the park in front of the main building of Belarusian State Economic University at Partizansky prospect. While one of them was just sleeping, another one stood on the head together with a ballet dancer. Passersby stood up in order to make selfies together with turquoise blue snowmen and hashtag #becauseIwantit.

It is the hashtag that answers all questions about mint colored snowmen. Why this color? Why the snowman is so weird? Simply because I want it. This is the motto of a new tariff named lemon from velcom for the youth – lemon from velcom.

By the way, no snowman was injured during filming process: the snow turned turquoise blue thanks to holi paint produced out of vegetable stock and natural colorants safe for humans, nature and naturally for snowmen.