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Embassies of the USA, Italy and Republic of Korea joined We Read Belarusian Together with velcom

Dec 18, 2017

Representatives of embassies of the USA, Republic of Korea, Republic of Italy, the Ukraine and Slovakia joined Belarusian poetic flash mob. They recited poems by Nile Gilevich, Yakub Kolas and Yanka Kupala. Earlier heads of diplomatic missions of Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Kyrgyzstan and Sweden in Minsk filmed short videos reciting Belarusian literary works.

Diplomats admitted that We Read Belarusian Together with velcom is of special interest since none of them speaks Belarusian language, however, everyone sees it as an integral part of Belarusian national culture.

The US temporary charge d’affaires in Belarus Mr. Robert John Riley joined the initiative and recited a poem by Nile Gilevich “White Crystals Falling Down”. Mr. Robert John Riley managed to catch the spirit of this truly «winterly” poem.

Republic of Korea supported the project too. Assistant to Ambassador of the Republic of Korea Yu Ho Gel selected a poem by Yakub Kolas “Winter Approach”. “Belarusian culture is much different from Korean. They are absolutely different but absorbing in its own way. I find Belarusian language very beautiful and therefore our Embassy was happy to support the said initiative”, - commented Yu Ho Gel.

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Italy Stefano Bianchi joined the project with a sonnet by Jazep Pušča “Dante Alighieri”. Mr. Stefano Bianchi managed to find a poem that unites two cultures: Belarusian and Italian.

Embassy of the Ukraine joined the project too. A son of one of the employees of the Embassy in Belarus Dmitry Tverdohleb selected a poem by Yakub Kolas “Be Strong”.

Following Ambassador of the Slovak Republic Josef Migash his wife and daughter supported the initiative too. Daughter of Ambassador of Slovakia Michaela Elizabeth Migashova recited a poem by Yanka Kupala “Motherland”. Wife of Ambassador Eva Migashova selected a poem “Stars” by the same writer and commented about participation in winter poetic flash mob: “Our family decided to support the initiative since the project appeared very interesting to us. Belarusian language is beautiful and palatable and our daughter studies it with a special enthusiasm at school”.

Support of the project by representatives of the diplomatic corps in the Republic of Belarus is not a single example of other nations’ participation in the initiative. Earlier the contest We Read Belarusian Together with velcom was supported by velcom CEO and top managers who filmed a video in support of the national contest for young reciters.

The first phase of competition for young reciters We Read Belarusian Together with velcom is open till 20 December 2017. It is organized under the auspices of Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus among 7- and 8- graders. All participants are suggested to film a video reciting one of the works by Belarusian literature which needs to be posted on a personal account of one of the social networks (vkontakte, facebook, instagram) and mark it with official hashtag #чытаемзвэлком or #чытаемзvelcom. The best contenders according to the opinion of the jury will be named before 29 December and will take part in regional phases of the competition in 2018. The winners of the national final part will be awarded with Apple smartphones.