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Ophtalmologist, nutritionist and chief cook recommend: velcom and BCF within the framework of a joint initiative I Can See! presented vision healthy recipes

Sep 19, 2018

An exotic culinary master class under the charitable project I Can See! was organized in Minsk on 19 September. A team of an ophthalmologist, nutritionist and professional chef talked about best foods for eye health and shared secrets of cooking basic food helping to protect vision. The said master class is organized within the framework of recently launched social information campaign I Can See Everything Cause I Eat Healthy!

Since September I Can See! realized by Belarusian Children Fund and velcom under support of Brest Oblast Administration and Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Belarus resumed their activity in rural schools of Brest oblast after summer holidays. Mobile ophthalmologic teams started operating in Zhabinkovsky rayon, moved on to Pruzhansky to continue screenings till 28 September. Starting from 1 October ophthalmologic teams will move on to Berezovsky, Gantsevichsky and Lyahovichsky rayons.

«Three year in a row I Can See! mobilizes ophthalmologic teams for medical care delivery to rural schools in different regions across Belarus – Mogilev, Gomel and this year Brest. More than 30 000 children were provided with necessary and not always available qualified ophthalmologic care and till the year end this figure will keep on growing. A new social information campaign extends the scope to city dwellers and draws attention to prevention of vision disorders – with the help of special exercises», – commented Nikolai Bredelev, head of velcom PR.

Apart from hands-on ophthalmologic aid, another significant element of I Can See! is prevention of vision impairments. Organizers aim to raise as much awareness as possible about own vision care sharing different ways how to maintain good eyesight – from basic vision exercises up to healthy food.

«Children health care is one of key priorities set by Belarusian Children Fund. I Can See! is a relevant medical project that delivers aid to a vast number of children, – said Alexander Truhan, director of Belarusian Children Fund. – Through this project we are ready and willing to make diagnostic ophthalmologic aid available for kids residing in rural areas: doctors travel directly to inhabited localities where children live and study. The effect is terrific since the earlier vision disorders are diagnosed, the earlier they can be addressed preventing development of any serious impairments. Another key component of this project is raising awareness about vision disorder prevention. It is important to understand for adults and children that some vision impairments can be prevented through basic nutrition rules and regular vision exercises. We hope that I Can See! will once again draw adults’ attention to children health in general».

Within the scope of social information campaign I Can See Everything Cause I Eat Healthy! Minsk and Brest oblast dwellers already had an opportunity to discover what food products and in what combinations are most healthy for vision acuity while attendants of master class organized at culinary studio Le Gourmet learnt how to cook fish, carrots, beans, pumpkin, cottage cheese, nuts, a few basic and delicious meals: from baked mackerel with vegetables up to baked pumpkin pudding and refreshing drinks. The expert team of Le Gourmet studio was represented by Alexei Redko, expert in dietology and nutrition, Anastasia Ulasevich, expert in healthy nutrition and therapist, and Kristina Belyanicheva, ophthalmologist of Brest Children Regional Hospital and senior ophthalmologist of I Can See!

«Nutrition plays an important role in protection of good eyesight. Unbalanced nutrition, insufficient intake of vegetables, green salads, fruits, unhealthy snacks may lead to numerous issues like reduced eye muscle tone and dry eye syndrome up to defects in retina metabolic processes and other quite serious consequences. The menu designed for this master class consists of best foods for eye sight. Moreover, children are able to cook them together with their parents or even on their own – and thus to develop a mindful attitude to own vision care and healthy food in general», – noted Kristina Belyanicheva, ophthalmologist of Brest Children Regional Hospital, senior ophthalmologist of I Can See!

Since 2016 I Can See! embraced three Belarusian oblasts – Mogilev, Gomel and Brest. The number of kids diagnosed approaches 31 thousand. Overall statistics over 2.5 years in numbers is as follows: 32.73% of schoolers were diagnosed with different vision disorders. Over a half of them – 54.38% are those who were screened for the first time ever thanks to mobile ophthalmologic teams.

In 2018 within the first phase of I Can See! mobile ophthalmologic teams screened 5835 students of 66 secondary schools across Brest oblast, i.e. Maloritsky, Kamenetsky and Kobrinsky rayons. 2373 kids were diagnosed with vision impairments, 665 children got glasses prescribed, 16 scholars were recommended a hospital care, 60 were advised additional screenings.

In September 743 scholars of 7 schools were examined in Zhabinkovsly rayon. 274 of them developed pathologies, at that 201 children were screened for the first time ever. Ophthalmologists prescribed 68 glasses, 2 guys require additional examination and 1 child a nonsurgical treatment.