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Vitebsk Oblast Hosts Interactive Lessons of We Read Belarusian Together with velcom

Mar 20, 2017

Throughout March and April social educational initiative We Read Belarusian Together with velcom will take place in Vitebsk Oblast. Junior schoolers in Orsha and Postavi have already deepened their knowledge in Belarusian language and literature with the help of unconventional teachers. Polotsk, Novopolotsk, Glubokoye and Vitebsk schools and gymnasiums still anticipate these absorbing lessons. Overall 25 institutions across VItebsk Oblast will take part in the initiative.

The ultimate goal of the project is cultivation of small kids’ interest in Belarusian language and literature. The lessons consist of games, riddles and creative work, i.e. everything necessary for drawing small kids’ attention and explain how important Belarusian language and literature are in layman’s terms. The project is initiated by velcom under the auspices of Education Ministry.

Earlier this month on 15th March a famous Belarusian athlete Alina Talai turned into a teacher and gave a lesson to second and third graders at her native school in Orsha. TV showmen, actors and sportsmen often join the project as invited teachers. Permanent team of teachers consists of Vladimir Lipsky, Raisa Borovikova, Alena Maslo, Natalia Buchinskaya and Yuri Zhigamont who are expected to give unusual interactive lessons in Belarusian language and literature throughout Vitebsk oblast. A series of educational classes in Vitebschina will be wrapped up with a special lesson gathering over 100 schoolers in the Vitebsk Puppet Theatre Lyalka.

We Read Belarusian Together with velcom was launched in Minsk in October 2015. By now 17 000 Belarusian pupils throughout Belarus took part in exciting lessons in Belarusian language.

“Two years of participation in We Read Belarusian Together with velcom are very emotional and symbolic for me. We used to have numerous encounters with boys and girls ahead of us which is genuinely inspiring since children is a very special audience in interaction with whom you feel you do something relevant. Consequently, schoolers take a deeper interest in language, literature, literary works and culture in general. This social and educational initiative is a very special and true school for kids, a place for children to identify themselves as Belarusians”, - noted a Belarusian writer Raisa Borovikova.