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During Earth Hour Instead of Electricity velcom “Lighted” Fluorescent Paintings

Mar 27, 2017

On the last March Saturday more and more countries join a global initiative dedicated to Earth Hour. velcom supported this movement in an unusual manner: as soon as velcom headquarter was fully blacked out for an hour time, the lobby got lighted up with unique fluorescent paintings.

Art works painted in special luminescent inks were created on the eve of the event. velcom staffers, Belarusian journalists as well as popular media figures stepped into this unusual art project. A famous Belarusian artist Andrei Smolyak became one of the honorable guests of the event whose painting was raffled as the main prize. Besides, every participant was offered to take his/her art work home as a reminder of the importance of environmental protection awareness.

The main purpose of the event was to remind its participants and audience about importance of any efforts aimed at preservation of global ecologic balance and environmental protection.

“Attention to ecologic issues, engagement on various environmental initiatives is one of the global topical trends. For velcom as a part of TAG such activity is one of the major performance indicators. Today’s action is one of the ways to draw attention of Belarusians and Minsk locals to the importance of any efforts to be taken every day and every moment for preservation of the environment”, - noted Vyacheslav Smirnov, head of velcom PR”.

One of the most vibrant examples how velcom translates awareness of ecological equilibrium is construction of the largest in Belarus solar park. This project makes a significant contribution into the national economy out of effective usage of renewable sources of energy.

velcom adheres to the similar principles in its daily life. Thus, ecologic KPIs are one of the major criteria upon equipment selection process. In 2016 this approach facilitated to reduction of energy consumed by base stations by 30%, and consumption of diesel gas oil by base stations generators by 22%. Another example is usage of a free cooling system instead of traditional air conditioners. Such solution allows usage of naturally circulating air instead of ecologically unsafe refrigerants.

velcom’s efforts in conservation of natural resources made it a winner in the national contest Leader of Energy effectiveness 2016.