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velcom Puts On Air The First Base Station in Belarus Powered by Solar Energy

Oct 4, 2017

velcom installed and put on air the first base station in the country operating on solar energy. A unique cell tower works without any external power supply sources in Lubansky rayon of Minsk oblast.

The said base station is installed in the proximity of Nezhinsky mining and refining plant construction site. Absence of power supply sources that normally feed cell towers is compensated by solar energy. Hi-tech equipment is powered by a hybrid power station comprised of solar panels, industrial batteries and a diesel generator.

54 solar panels occupying 77 sq. m are located close to the communications mast and are connected to electrical power supply control cabinet. Solar batteries generate 216V of direct current being converted into 54V feeding base station equipment. Total output of the mini station can reach 14 kW of energy. For comparison, electrical capacity of residential buildings varies from 3.5 to 5 kW.

Solar energy is partially used for Li-ion batteries charging purposes. Such batteries are produced for long term operation and are temperature resistant making the mast operational around the clock and in dull weather. Recharge is required every 8 hours of base station operation. A high-tech ecologically friendly diesel power station will automatically switch on in the event of lack of daylight during winter time. Throughout all other seasons of the year cell phone tower will be powered by renewable solar energy.

The given base station technologically supports GSM, 3G standards including UMTS 900 and is expected to provide fast data access and HD calls to adjacent villages and future potash factory.

Mini station will be operating autonomously and to the major extent managed by the computer. Video surveillance cameras and motion detectors will “watch” the perimeter with alarm going off upon penetration attempt.

"Construction of the base station powered by solar energy is a new experience for the country opening up huge perspectives. First of all we facilitate minimization of hydrocarbon resources consumption and transformation to renewable energy sources along with extension of coverage in the regions remote from power supply lines. Should this first experience be successful, it will be developed further", - commented Vyacheslav Smirnov, head of velcom PR.