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velcom Solar Park was Named one of the Best Energyprojects in Belarus

Oct 18, 2016

Solar park built by velcom on areas affected by Chernobyl catastrophe became 2ns winner of the national contest Leader of Energyefficiency 2016 among renewable energy sources projects. Heliostation became the largest in Belarus as no other solar operated farm is comparable in sizes in the country.

Solar park is built by velcom in the neighborhood of Bragin and occupies the area of 60 football fields. Its nominal power makes up record-breaking for Belarusian solar plants 18.48 MW. It consists of 85k solar panels, EUR 25 mln was invested into construction of the “green” power station. The park facilitated to reduction of country’s energy dependence on petroleum. Besides, the project is an example of alternative development of territories affected by Chernobyl catastrophe.

Solar park became the winner in the nomination “Technologies and projects based on renewable energy sources”. Best projects were selected by the jury consisting of representatives of Gosstandart, National Science Academy, PROON/GEF, other organizations and national institutions. In total there were 17 projects and technologies including energy effective houses and patrol station energy saving systems.

Solar park construction demonstrated velcom’s as well as state organs’ efficiency. Just 6 months after investment agreement signature solar park produced first KWs of energy. The first time we came to the site we found real “jungles” there: we had to clear up the site, search for subcontractors, accept 230 trucks carrying equipment, etc. The process of construction looked like an “anthill” with 300-400 workers, - confessed Victor Alisiyevich, Director of Solarpark managing company. – Owing to a professional team, help of state organs and Belarusian subcontractors great performance we managed to finish such a complicated project so fast. Our experience is a signal for investors that similar projects can be successfully realized in Belarus ”.

Alternative energy projects are the most perspective currently in the country and around the globe: “Belarus aims at reduction of energy dependence from energy suppliers. We see that renewable sources of energy can replace substantial part of imported resources”, - said Mikhail Malashenko, Director of Energy Efficiency Department of Gosstandart at the awarding ceremony.

velcom considers solar park as a long-term project on a perspective market and as a contribution to environmental protection. Solar power station allowed the country to increase energy independence by reducing its petroleum dependence. Every hour of solar park operation saves 7k cubic meter of natural gas for Belarus.

Energyefficiency Leader is a contest under the auspices of Energyefficiency Department of State Standardization Committee. The purpose of the contest is search and identification of the best energy effective products, systems and technologies applicable in Housing and Utility Infrastructure and energy engineering.