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3D show based upon a story by Dostoyevsky will be demonstrated in Belarus with the support of velcom

Apr 23, 2018

Premiere of a unique 3D performance in Belarusian language Once Upon a Time in a Big City based upon a story by F. Dostoyevsky The Heavenly Christmas Tree will be staged in Minsk. Sophisticated performance is directed by Family inclusive theatre «і» (CITi) under the aid of velcom. This large scale show engages over 100 team members.

The plot is based on a story of a boy who had lost parents on Christmas eve and is left alone in a big city. Suddenly there comes a miracle – a little beggar appears on a Christmas Tree next to Jesus Christ and angels and gets hope for a better future for his soul.

«It is symbolic that the first night performance will take place on the eve of International Children Day. Thus we hope to raise awareness on inclusivity of special people in the society, - noted Vyacheslav Smirnov, head of velcom corporate communications. – It will be already 5th show directed by CITi over 2 years. And today it is hardly possible to recognize special actors apart from ordinary ones».

The audience will experience a great show with a moving stage, 3D projection of front and backgrounds and other technologic solutions. Traditionally kids with autism will act together with ordinary actors on the same stage – this is a special feature of Family inclusive theatre «і».

«The show is first of all designed for adults: the drama raises such problematic topics like human freedom and choices, social inequality, belief in kindness and justice. At the same time the show will be exciting for little spectators above 3 years since nontrivial plot is transformed into a fantastic fairytale with beautiful decorations and effects»,  noted Iryna Pushkareva, art director of the theatre.

The first night performance will be staged on 28 May in the National Palace of Veteran Culture (Nezavisimosti 25) at 7 pm. Ticket price is BYN 7.