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#velcombegom: Belarus Announced Best Running Clubs

Sep 8, 2017

IRun and Victoria were announced as the best running clubs in Belarus as a result of social initiative 100 000 kms challenge: velcombegom. Over 10 days runners covered kilometers that were immediately converted into overall result in aid to children.

IRun and Victoria managed to cover nearly the same distance, i.e. over 3 000 kms. “Both running clubs went neck-and-neck and as a result showed similar results. That is why both teams are awarded with a Cup. Nowadays they are the best running clubs in Belarus”, - velcom commented.

IRun attracted the largest number of participants in the contest winning in the nomination The Most Active Running Club. Victoria in its turn covered the longest distance winning in the nomination The Strongest Running Club. Their representatives used to run 20 kms at a time and some managed to even cover marathon distances.

Belarusian Federation in Obstacle Race was awarded as the second best in the contest who managed to run 2 200 kms. YouCan took the third place with over 2 000 kms followed by BeRunner with 1 614 kms and Run4Run with 1 591 kms. Fan club Amatar overall covered 106 kms.

All winners will soon get diplomas and titles of honor. Asics sneakers will be presented to three strongest athletes of every club.

Not only did the runners facilitate in their club result but also children with serious diseases. Everyone’s running contribution was taken into account upon calculation of total distance under social initiative 100 000 kms challenge: velcombegom. From 26 August through 4 September Belarusians all over the world ran in aid to children and posted results in social networks with hashtag #velcombegom. By condition they were supposed to cover 100 000 kms for velcom to convert kms into funds in aid to sick kids.

Noble cause was reached: about 11 thousand runners ran 114 971 kms in aid to children. BYN 100 000 was transferred by velcom to Republican Children’s Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation. This week Helmut Duhs, CEO, handed over the certificate for a record breaking amount to Chief Doctor Galina Rodionova who chairs the only medical institution in the country for rehabilitation of kids suffering hemophilia, cancer and kidney diseases.

“Running clubs rose to a challenge with enthusiasm. Not only did their representatives help their clubs but children too. Experienced runners made a massive contribution in achievement of 100 000 kms and inspired the others. And it is thanks to them that running culture does emerge in Belarus”, - underscored Vyacheslav Smirnov, head of velcom PR.

Running initiative was launched by velcon under the auspices of Ministry of Healthcare. LifeSport, official distributor of Asics in Belarus, became the partner of Runners Cup. Social initiative 100 000 kms challenge: velcombegom aimed at aid to children and raising interest to running and healthy lifestyle.