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Opening of Classic Music at Cityhall Together with velcom: Anniversary of the Orchestra and a Mass Selfie

Jul 10, 2017

A festive opening of the festival Classic Music at Cityhall together with velcom took place on 8 July in front of Minsk Cityhall. About 8 thousand people visited the first out of eight concerts planned and partook in the most massive selfie in Belarus.

One of the most honored national collective, i.e. the National Academic Symphonic Orchestra under the baton of its chief conductor Alexander Anisimov opened the concert A Century of Classic Music. This year the orchestra celebrates its 90th anniversary. About 8 thousand people came to listen to the first concert in the third season of Classic Music at Cityhall Together with velcom and take the opportunity to congratulate it and become a part of the most massive selfie in Belarus.

Chief conductor of the National Academic Symphonic Theatre Alexander Anisimov was in charge of this initiative as well as the entire evening. In the end of the night after eternal masterpieces by Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, etc. the master swapped his baton to a smartphone in order to make a selfie together with the audience. Hereupon its was the audience’s turn to make its own selfie together with the orchestra and Alexander Anisimov.

The whole scene was recorded by the state-of-the-art devices including a quadcopter and 360° cameras that made it possible to capture the event in its real dimensions and scale.

“Today’s selfie of approximately 8 thousand people has all chances to become the most massive selfie in Minsk and even Belarus. However, for us there is something more important than just figures and pictures, i.e. a strong interest to the festival and classic music in general which was vividly proved today”, - noted Yulia Daineko, head of velcom marketing.

For all guests of the festival velcom announced a special contest among photographs taken at any of eight concerts Classic Music at Cityhall together with velcom with a hashtag #классикасвелком. Based on the results best shots will be exhibited at the city centre.

Classic Music at Cityhall together with velcom was organized by Minsk Municipality under the auspices of velcom and support of concert agency Equilibrium Arts. Another seven music Saturdays are still ahead wherein there will be a lot of beautiful music played by the best national and foreign orchestras and bands.