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Over 3 000 Schoolers across Minsk Oblast Took Part in We Read Belarusian Together with velcom

May 15, 2017

Social and educational project We Read Belarusian Together with velcom in Minsk oblast came to its end. Over 3 000 schoolers from 8 cities took part in interactive lessons. Final class took place on 12 May in Nesvizh Cityhall after Borisov, Vileika, Soligorsk, Dzerzhinsk, Molodechno, Zhodino and Slutsk.

Belarusian writers Raisa Borovikova, Vladimir Lipsky, Natalia Buchinskaya, Elena Maslo as well as TV show man Yuri Zhigamont became teachers under the framework of the project that was initiated by velcom under the auspice of the Ministry of Education. In Minsk oblast the project was organized under the auspice of Minsk Oblast Municipality.

The first lessons in Minsk oblast were organized in Borisov-Arena. A goal keeper of football club BATE Anton Chichkan was invited as a teacher for junior schoolers. In particular, 2nd and 3rd graders learnt football terminology in Belarusian language. In Soligorsk a special class took place in the museum of Belaruskali and in BELAZ premises in Zhodino.

“I am always uber happy to be a part of such initiative and to travel to different corners of the country to see junior pupils and to talk about Belarusian traditions and holidays, contemporary literature and juvenile authors, beauty of the native language. I am confident that unconventional classes will be a motive for kids to take a closer look at Belarusian culture”, - noted Yuri Zhigamont, showman of Travels of a Layman.

“I do not assess kids at my classes but ask them to assess me which is very exciting and encouraging, - Vladimir Lipsky shared his impressions about participation in the project. – And this is the right format to set up a great dialogue about language and literature. For historical reasons Belarusian language happened to miss proper conditions for its development. And now we do small steps like Belarusian editions, social, educational and cultural projects including We Read Belarusian Together with velcom, we resurrect national identity, establish cultural heritage”.

The ultimate goal of the project is popularization of the Belarusian language, literature and culture among junior schoolers via special interactive program and series of lessons. This initiative was launched in October 2015 in Minsk. During this time social and educational project We Read Belarusian Together with velcom exceeded expected number of participants and reached over 20 000 junior schoolers all over the country.