Our values

Our values are: innovation, quality, diversity, integrity & responsibility


velcom as a member of Telekom Austria Group adds genuine value and convenience to new developments with the aim of enabling each and every individual to reap the benefits of our innovative products and services in any situation. Our infrastructure provides the basis for the 21st century information society. We allow people to fully enjoy the advantages generated by digital education and state-of-the-art healthcare.


Quality at velcom and Telekom Austria Group combines innovation with reliability, stability and safety. We can be trusted to deliver smart, best-in-class products and services. This also means that we are a reliable and stable business partner, delivering profitability to our stakeholders. This is all part of our heritage as a long-standing, experienced and responsible telecoms leader.


velcom and Telekom Austria Group is formed by and home to a variety of strong, diverse, local brands. We embrace the diversity of culture, background and heritage and incorporate it into Velcom`s DNA as a valuable resource. Our corporate culture is based on an open two-way approach where we learn from each other.

Integrity & Responsibility

The employees of the Velcom should base their behavior on the ethical principles of integrity. We have learned that in ACHIEVING business goals it is not only important that we achieve them but also HOW we achieve them. Responsibility at Velcom means to deploy our core business in the best possible way for the benefit of society, our customers, and our employees. We make a significant contribution to a knowledge-based society and we seek to foster respectful collaboration with all our stakeholders. We grow in a sustainable manner and are committed to the triple bottom line based on an integrative approach to the economic, ecological and social aspects of sustainable management.
Everyone knows that there is not necessarily a rule in place for every situation where a decision has to be made. But how do we behave in cases that have not been regulated in advance? The answer: ethically and with integrity, or “honest. fair. transparent.”! For us integrity means far more than simply implementing rules and guidelines. It is a question of our corporate culture. So that this can eventually become a matter of course, “integrity” has been incorporated into Velcomvalues and is reflected in our personnel policy. Integrity stands above short-term business success. In case of doubt we would rather forgo concluding certain contracts than entering into business which conflicts with our principles.
We have learned that it is not only important to ACHIEVE business goals but it is also important HOW we achieve them.

To promote integrity in business life and to prevent misconduct the Telekom Austria Group has implemented a compliance management system based on the highest standards (IDW PS 980, Transparency International Business Principles for Countering Bribery), which is constantly assessed and improved.

To act with integrity information is very important. On the pages for Code of Conduct and Code of Conduct for Contractors you can find the rules that explain the way for us to conduct ourselves properly. The Code of Conduct comprises the central behavioral guidelines of Telekom Austria Group and FE VELCOM. It summarizes the most important considerations and rules that apply to all of our employees.

The Code of Conduct contains information on::

  • fair dealings
  • confidentiality
  • conflict of interests
  • gifts and personal advantages
  • protection of corporate assets
  • violations against the Code of Conduct
  • communicating the Code of Conduct
  • whistle-blower principles including contact information

What we want...

  • business success on an honest basis: 100% clean business
  • long-term cooperation with partners who share our basic attitude
  • clear and open words, to prevent misunderstandings and to do away with them
  • active and determined intervention when irregularities occur
  • attentive employees who practice what we preach and who are honest, fair und transparent

What we do not tolerate...

  • attempts to bribe business partners or public-sector employees
  • invitations or gifts to third parties that are related to current invitations to tender or award procedures, or to current legal and administrative proceedings
  • remaining silent or looking the other way, if you see violations occurring in your working environment

Our customers, our business partners, our shareholders, our outside creditors and the public expect us to behave with integrity in our business relationships.

In other words: to be honest.fair.transparent!