About velcom

velcom | A1 is largest private telecom, ICT & content service provider in Belarus. The company began its commercial activity on April 16, 1999 and became the first GSM mobile operator in the country. Since November 2007, the company is part of A1 Telekom Austria Group, a leading provider of telecommunications services and digital solutions in CEE with a total customer base of approximately 25 m users.
On April 16, 1999 the company started its business operations in providing mobile services and products. This day was announced the Birthday of velcom. 2007 velcom is a member of A1 Telekom Austria Group (TAG), one of the most successful telecommunication holdings in the Central and Eastern Europe, which currently consists of eight fixed net mobile communication operational companies. The Austrian holding acquired velcom (in November 2007 - 70%, and in October 2010 the remaining 30% of its shares) thus opening a new chapter in the history of the company.


Side-by-side with our customers we are moving ahead to improve people’s lives by upgrading them with breakthrough communication services.


velcom renders its services based on GSM (GPRS, EDGE), UMTS (HSDPA, HSUPA), HSPA+ technologies throughout the entire territory of Belarus.

velcom started its 3G network rollout in March 2010. In February 2016 the operator was the first to launch state of the art data transmission technology UMTS-900 allowing dramatic coverage extension and mobile data quality upgrade throughout the whole country. HD-format calls and high-speed Internet are now available in the territory where 99% of the country's population lives.

velcom pays key attention to its service quality through frequency planning, ongoing network quality monitoring and up to date modernization. All works are performed by highly qualified velcom experts who had successfully completed internship in leading European companies.

In 2017 velcom also launched the first narrow-band network NB-IoT (Narrow Band Internet of Things) for the “Internet of Things” in Minsk. It covered the length and breadth of the capital with a new technology considered cutting-edge even by the best world standards. The signal penetrates into hard-to-reach places; massive walls of buildings and basement floors cannot stop it. The NB-IoT network draws nearer the digital reality where sensors and devices help people, make the city “smart” and improve the efficiency of enterprises and business.

In 2017 velcom was the first in the world to launch a single virtual kernel network. The experts transformed the architecture of the primary network significantly and not only did they carry all the existing base components to a new cloud platform using NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) but also integrated new ones there. As a result, the network has become more flexible, reliable and multifunctional.

Subscriber base

At the end of Q4 2017 velcom customers numbered 4.86 mln. The company customers include the largest enterprises and organizations of the country as well as representatives of small and medium size businesses.

Value-added services

velcom offers to its customers an abundance of services designed to make communications with velcom a real pleasure and extend usability of mobile devices.

Besides common basic services like voice, data transfer, SMS, MMS, video calls, voicemail and others velcom offers a wide range of value added services including:

Fixed Internet

At present velcom is the largest private operator of fixed Internet access. The company provides private and corporate customers with high-speed Internet access on the basis of its own fiber-optic network using Ethernet and Gpon technologies. At the moment velcom network is available in all regional cities of Belarus and in Bobruisk. At the same time the company is engaged in extensive construction planning to cover all large district centers with its network. Users of fixed Internet from different towns and cities of Belarus - subscribers of Internet operators Atlant Telecom, Garant (Gomel and Vitebsk), Home Network subscribers (Infolan), as well as home and some corporate subscribers of Delovaya Set joined velcom network. At present, the subscriber base of velcom fixed Internet users totals about 300 thousand users. Most Internet tariff plans include digital television which is in line with the world trend to provide integrated Internet + TV tariff plans. After the brands merged in November 2017 Internet tariff plans are offered under the brand name velcom, and television services - under the brand name VOKA.

Customer service

From the first days of its operations velcom creates comfortable conditions for mobile interaction continuously extending the range of cutting edge mobile services and enabling implementation of advanced technologies. 

The company offers its customers not just basic tariff plans but bundled services with included traffic volume and solutions tailored to the needs of different target audiences – inexperienced, competent and savvy users of smartphones and tablets.

Specifically for rural residents the operator has a range of attractive PRIVET tariffs for voice calls. Besides, velcom designed a specific group of corporate tariffs allowing cost optimization maintaining the same network and service quality.

velcom customers are provided with a full scope of services and professional consultancy, are welcome to purchase smartphones and telephones, tablets, USB-modems, GPS-trackers, mobile accessories and pay for the services at any of 87shops in 32 Belarusian localities.

For customer convenience majority of velcom shops operate from 9am to 9 pm without lunch breaks and days off. Shops are located in public areas and offer the entire range of company services to get any issues resolved instantly on-site. Besides own chain of shops, velcom is represented by 456 dealers shops throughout the country. Mobile services can be paid via one of 16 payment methods.

A self-care flexibility is available to velcom customers via USSD, ISCC, ASSA and other time saving solutions providing all necessary information (current balance, tariff plan swap, activation/ termination of value-added services, etc.) at any time and any place across Belarus or overseas.

Besides, professional call centre agents are always ready to answer any customer’s questions. velcom call centre is available at 411 from mobile phone (toll-free call in velcom network) and 7100 (toll call), and at fixed line number 8 (017) 330-30-30 24/7. velcom customer agents are also available in Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki.

It should be also noted that velcom today is not only a mobile and fixed network operator complying with European quality standards but also one of the largest smartphone and tablet dealers in Belarus. velcom customers are always offered lucrative conditions and special propositions (including interest free installments and discounts), professional consultancy in device selection, assistance in smartphone and tablet settings as well as official warranty.

All assortment of mobile devices in velcom chain is also available in online shop for maximum customers convenience.


  • offers numerous promos and special propositions as well as attractive discounts, 6 and 11 months installments for various devices;
  • allows payments from customer account;
  • delivers to any point countrywide or holds for pick up in Minsk and Gomel
  • offers not only terminal equipment but also new SIM-cards with any tariff plan selected.

velcom customers irrespective of the mobile device used, can select either a usual SIM-card, micro-SIM, nano-SIM, TWIN-cards or micro TWIN and nano -TWIN to be used with various devices.

New velcom businesses velcom data centre

In September 2017 velcom deployed the largest Belarusian data processing center (DPC) in Minsk. The data center occupies 7.5 thousand sq.m and is the largest one in Belarus. velcom data centre holds International Uptime Institute (UI) Tier 3 reliability certificate for Design and Facility compliance with international reliability standards. The DPC is designed to accommodate 800 IT cabinets and has its own optical ring - 43 kilometers of the network with a bandwidth of 1 Tbit/s. Currently the data center provides the following services: server and network equipment hosting (Colocation), leasing virtual resources to build IT infrastructure (IaaS), Smart Server – leasing physical equipment required to deploy and launch own software solutions.

Digital TV voka

velcom offers digital interactive TV VOKA. Nowadays TV channels, popular films and series without charges for data traffic in velcom network are available on any device, i.e. smartphone, tablet, desktop, notebook or even on a TV-set by switching on Smart TV on Samsung and LG TV-sets. Digital TV VOKA enables customers to watch more than 70 rated TV channels, including 10 channels in HD-quality. The audience can also enjoy near video-on-demand, online theaters MEGOGO and Amediateka showing famous HBO, Fox, Showtime, Starz and BBC series. The content is free for the first 7 days. The service is available via the network of any operator in Belarus.

TV installment purchase

velcom sells TVs of Samsung and LG brands with a subscription to digital television VOKA. TV sets can be purchased through the online store shop.velcom.by by interest-free installments for the period of up to 24 months without initial payment. Free delivery in Belarus. TVs are sold complete with VOKA service which is available through the Smart TV application. At the same time you can watch VOKA on other devices - for example, on a smartphone, laptop or tablet - at no additional charge.

Solar park

velcom launched the largest in Belarus solar park in Gomel Oblast, Bragin neighborhood. Solar park consists of 85k solar panels occupying the territory of 60 football fields. About 800 kms of cables were used for connection of all solar modules which equals to the distance between Minsk and Moscow.

Special offers for velcom loyal customers

We appreciate every customer! And we are happy to offer a post-paid option to our loyal customers. This option allows payment after service consumption and is available to individual customers with a minimum subscription of six months.

Contribution to Belarusian economy

velcom major investment pattern lies in acquisition of modern equipment of leading global producers and advanced technologic solutions as well as creation of reliable network infrastructure.

velcom is the first mobile operator in Belarus to start such iconic services like SMS, MMS, GPRS as well as video call. Besides, in Belarus velcom facilitated implementation of such services like SMS-banking, mobile email and voicemail as well as installments offers for end-user equipment.

Over a number of years velcom has been one of the major tax payers in the country. The company awards include a diploma Best Minsk Entrepreneur in the nomination Best Foreign Owned Entrepreneur and other awards of honor.

Social and sponsorship programs

As a socially responsible company velcom does not stand aside from social problems our society faces today. The main priority is aid to children and facilitation to the national identity preservation.

velcom has a long charity and children aid history. The company also supports development and mentoring of the new generation of talented Belarusian citizens.

velcom takes efforts to rediscover Belarusian heritage: traditions, history, culture and other elements of the national heritage. The company pays particular attention to the most important Belarusian artefacts surrounding us such as Belarusian language, our contemporary culture and pristine nature.

Throughout the years velcom runs a charity action It Is So Easy To Do Good Things and on the permanent basis sponsors children medical facilities. The most famous recent velcom charity projects include a nationwide initiative #velcombegom, an educational project We Read Belarusian together with velcom, a charity project I Can See! and a number of initiatives to help children suffering from autism.

The company supports major sports events. In December 2017 velcom became the official communications operator of the II European Games of 2019. velcom will provide sportsmen and fans with quality mobile communications and help with organization of and arrangements for the event. The status of the official communications operator is formalized by cooperation agreement concluded by velcom and Directorate of II European Games of 2019.

velcom is often named as the leader in corporate social responsibility which is evidenced by the results of numerous national contests. In particular, velcom became a Gran Prix winner of Brand of the Year contest in the category Socially Responsible Brand and won a gold medal in the category Active Social Attitude. The company was also named as holding most of annual awards and nominations in CSR area.