Velcom 3G network is a network of HSPA+ standard (High Speed Packet Access), which is the following step of development of UMTS technology. The maximum speed of data transmission in UMTS network reaches 3.6 Mbit / s, and the highest possible speed of data transmission in velcom HSPA+ network makes 21.6 Mbit /s.

Using velcom 3G network you receive:

- very high speed of data transmission (up to 21 Mbit/s);
- wide spectrum of innovative services;
- possibility to use video calls;
- wide range of multimedia services;
- great comfort of mobile Internet.

You can surf on the Internet easily and with comfort, check your e-mail, chat with friends in social networks, read news, always have quick access to necessary information, online games, forums, blogs and other useful web-resources right from your mobile phone or you can use laptop or PC with a selected high-speed USB modem anytime and anywhere in velcom network.