How to get connected

To become velcom subscriber:

- come to any velcom center
- valid ID card or passport
- buy PRIVET package
Activation of your SIM-card will take just a few minutes. From that moment you can enjoy communicating with your relatives, friends and colleagues!

Sim card activation
• put SIM-card in your device and enter a personal PIN code
• activate the number by sending USSD request *125#call
• for modem use the following settings:

name: privet
number of access: *99#
APN address:
name of users: privet
pass: privet
Your device is ready to work, when velcom network sign appears on the display. You may see VELCOM, VELCOM-BY, VELCOM-01 or 257 01 which depends on the mobile phone model. Select one.


You won`t be able to make use of telecommunication services before you receive the message confirming activation
You should send the request for activation within velcom network coverage
Keep the original plastic card from your SIM card with PIN / PUK specified on it, since it can be used as a code card in future
In 180 days you have to recharge your balance for a sum not less than 20 000 rubles (in single payment) to continue using S IM-card (even if you have this sum on the balance).
Users of other PRIVET tariff plans can also enjoy high-speed mobile surfing in 3G|3G+ velcom network.For this send the USSD request *126*1*6#call key