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A Big Lesson We Read Belarusian Together with velcom Was Given by Football Club Dnepr in Mogilev Cityhall

Mar 3, 2017

A social educational project We Read Belarusian together with velcom for the first time came to Mogilev on 2 March. On this day interactive classes in Belarusian language and literature were held in 9 schools and gymnasiums of the city. The final lesson was given in the Mogilev Historic Museum at Cityhall and gathered 100 schoolkids. A goalkeeper of football club Dnepr Ruslan Kopantsov, a representative of PR team Andrei Ilyenya as well as a writer Raisa Borovikova and ashowman Yuri Zhigamont became teachers at the unusual class of Belarusian language.

We were happy to accept the proposal and take part in We Read Belarusian Together with velcom. Our football club cannot stay away from such projects since we want to contribute to establishment of the Belarusian nation. It is fundamentally important that these initiatives take place in educational establishments for human’s self-consciousness forms right on this level. The more educated the new generation is, the more we can talk about resurrection of the national identity”, - noted Andrei Ilyenya, a representative of Dnepr PR.

We Read Belarusian Together with velcom already had a number of guests like Alina Talai, Dmitry Lihtarovich, Oleg Strahanovich as well as representatives of Slaviya, Metalurg and Meshkov Handball Club. Gymnast Melitina Stanyuta and Fotballer Vitaly Rodionov also partook in the social educational initiative.

We Read Belarusian Together with velcom is a social educational initiative aimed at cultivation of 2-3 year schoolchildren interest in Belarusian language and literature. The project was launched in 2015 and is realized by velcom under the auspices of Education Ministry of the Republic of Belarus. Over 17 000 schoolchildren out of 140 educational establishments took part in these classes by now.

A series of interactive classes We Read Belarusian together with velcom in Mogilev oblast was finished with a lesson at Cityhall. In February the project already came to Krichev, Osipovichy, Gorki and Bobruisk. Overall 25 establishments across Mogilev oblast took part in the project.